Fast Track

Become a Professional Speaker!

The CAPS Calgary Fast Track Program assists individuals who are committed to becoming professional speakers (keynoters, workshop leaders, trainers, facilitators and consultants who speak.) The program’s primary focus is on the business of speaking rather than improving speaking skills.

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Whirlwind Saturdays

  1. Whirl-Wind Saturdays run from 8:30 am with networking, followed by the 9:00 am CAPS Calgary Chapter meeting (free for Fast Track participants), lunch with your work group and a professional advisor or a lunch presentation (all included), plus the afternoon Learning Session, wrapping up by 5:00 pm.
  2. Learning Sessions are crucial to your professional development. By completing Pre-Session Assignments, you’ll get maximum results from the program. Post-Session Assignments are to be completed on your own, with your work group, or by requesting assistance from the committee.
    • January 9, 2017: Program Orientation 6:30 – 9:30pm 
    • January 10,  2017: Work Group Orientation 6:30 – 9:30pm 
    • January 14,  2017: Build Your Foundation
    • February 11, 2017: Create Your Business Plan
    • March 18, 2017: Develop Your Marketing Plan
    • March 22, 2017: Smoothing Out the Stumbling Blocks (OPTIONAL EVENING for participants to seek extra assistance for assignments)
    • April 22, 2017: Tweak Your Marketing Resources
    • May 13, 2017: Prepare To Sell
    • June 17, 2017: Advance Your Presentation Skills (Speak 3-6 minutes in front of small group of peers and CAPS members) combined with Topic Development, Research, and Structure
    • June 22, 2017: Speaker Showcase and Celebration: This is a public showcase that draws the program to a close. The showcase is held one evening in June, from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Friends, family, colleagues and other supporters are encouraged to attend to see you shine! Participants receive valuable feedback from CAPS Calgary professional members.
    • June 25, 2017: Fast Track Wrap-up Social and Program Debrief Session (OPTIONAL EVENING)

Key Information

  1. Professional Advisors are senior CAPS members who provide expert information. We encourage you to take advantage of these seasoned speakers’ wisdom and experience.
  2. Work Groups meet regularly. Mutual support provides shared ideas, information, encouragement, connections, and accountability.
  3. Administration, Monitoring, and Support keep participants on track. The program’s committee is available for support and direction as needed. The committee provides structure and makes arrangements for orientation evenings, afternoons of rich learning, and an evening showcase.
  4. Accountability is an important program feature. You’re expected to keep agreements with your work group, the Professional Advisors, the program coordinators, and CAPS Calgary.
  5. Adaptable Learning. No matter what your current knowledge or skill level, the sessions are designed to provide maximum insight and flexibility.

2017 Applications 

Applications for the 2017 CAPS Calgary Fast Track Program are now open.

Please email Joyce Sunada CAPS 2017 Calgary Fast Track Selection Committee Chair at joyce@joyfulendeavours.com to start your application process.  Each application is carefully considered, as a result, once you initiate the process by email, you will be contacted by a member of the Selection Committee for a telephone interview to ensure your expectations and the program deliverables are a good fit. If aligned, you will be invited to submit an Application. There are a limited number of places available in the 2017 Program. Submitting your Application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

2017 CAPS Calgary Fast Track Fees

Before paying, please ensure you have completed the Fast Track application form, been interviewed and accepted into the program.

  • Non-member: $1,149.00
  • CAPS member: $949.00
  • Full-time Student: $749.00

What’s Included in my Fee?
Program fees include:

  • Two evening Orientation sessions
  • Six CAPS Saturday morning meetings
  • Six afternoon learning sessions
  • Six lunches with Professional Speaking Advisers
  • An electronic copy of the Fast Track Program Manual
  • Speaker Showcase and Celebration
  • Informed feedback, support, guidance and encouragement

What is the Refund Policy?
If you withdraw before the January program launch your refund will be 75% of the Program Fees.
If you withdraw before the last day of January your refund will be 50% of Program Fees.What Kind of Receipt do I Get?You will receive a Calgary CAPS receipt for each payment you make. Your program fees may count as a business expense.As this is a non-credit, non-formal education program, we do not issue tax receipts. Talk to your accountant regarding how this may apply to your particular situation.

“Best professional development program I’ve ever taken.”
David Savage, co-founder of the Global Negotiation Insight Institute

”Do it! Be serious! Have the time! Be committed!”
Lisa Vlooswyk, Pro Golfer

“Fast Track is a great place learn about the business of speaking.”
Dr. Marc W. Ross, University of Calgary

“I highly recommend the program because of all the different and practical perspectives.”
Vincenzo Aliberti, Peak Success Institute

“Worth more than we paid!”
Marty Avery, What If Consulting

“A comprehensive course to teach all aspects of speaking content, delivery and business behind the scenes.”
Judy Arnall, Professional Parenting Canada

“This program has given me the foundation to move forward.”
Maureen Dobranski, The Change Challenge

For more information: Call Joyce Sunada, 2017 CAPS Calgary Fast Track Selection Committee Chair at 403.863.4228 Or email Joyce at: joyce@joyfulendeavours.com