President’s Message

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2015 Message from the President

Each year, the Chapter President selects a theme that aids with our monthly programming and focuses conversations within our vibrant community.  These conversations are so impactful that each President spends quite a bit of time pondering and considering how to frame up a theme that will spark the dialogues and insights they hope for.  This is my second year as the President and I hope to leave a lasting impression at the end of this term – one that honours the National theme (Because we Believe) and one that aids in producing a level of engagement and dialogue throughout the year that makes you never want to miss a meeting.

Last year, I chose CAPTIVATE as the annual theme and we spent a year discussing how to do just that from the stage and in our daily interactions.  This year (2015), I am asking our community to RETHINK THE POSSIBILITIES.

You might be asking yourself what was I thinking when I chose this theme?   What does it even mean?

Allow me a moment to explain.

I would like each of us (members, guests and visitors) to consider the impact of our current decisions.  I am hoping to provoke each of us into a state of curiosity – to begin to think differently about how we intersect and make a difference in the lives we touch.  I would like for each of us to embrace the concept of circular thinking and start to play an elevated “What if” game.

It’s time to start asking more thought provoking questions and not be passively coasting on old strategies.   For example:  Do we need to re-think what everybody in our industry knows to be true (but may not be); or how we sell or market to those who need what we offer, or how we price our services, or the types of guarantees we make?  Perhaps we need to rethink our revenue models or how we are actually solving our customer’s problems.

Is it time to stop writing and speaking about content in the way that everyone else is?  Are we being mindful enough?  Is it ok to avoid getting pigeonholed into one specialization or niche?

Are we brave enough to test out new ways of thinking about speeches and program deliveries?   Are we willing to live on the edge of technology and find creative ways to share our intellectual property?  (Perhaps that’s what Nefflix did – creating a demand that never existed before).

For me, thoughts are possibilities: each one implies a perspective.  I also realize that our perspective is limited by our desire for familiarity.  Hence the need for community and a strategy that compels broader view points.

Who are WE at CAPS and why might you want to be a part of this community in 2015 (and beyond)? 

Well, we are not just the day to day tasks of our growing speaking businesses.  We are committed to our families and energized by our work. We are family caregivers, volunteers and philanthropists. We are leaders in our communities, supporters of our churches and synagogues, helping hands to our neighbors and friends. We are a generation of makers and doers who have a desire to continue exploring our own potential and possibilities, to celebrate discovery over agonizing on decline.

CAPS Calgary meets the third Saturday of each month at the Hotel Blackfoot.  We would love for you to consider joining us as we challenge one another to ask some pretty tough questions this year.  It is time to put our “what ifs” on the table and start exploring our human potential.

As your CAPS Calgary President this year, let me be the first in 2015 to spark some ideas to ponder:

  • What if you could set up your business to run without you?
  • What if you could work less and make more money?
  • What do you really want your business to look like?
  • What tasks are you doing right now that suck the life out of you?
  • What is working? What’s not?
  • What do you need to let go of if you want to have a business that reflects who you are and what you want for your life?

Let’s remember today, for it is the beginning.   Today marks the start of a brave new future.

Together, Let’s Re-Think what’s possible!

Faith Wood, CSP